ZED The Ground Licker guitar+bass
ZED The Ground Licker has been conceived in strict collaboration with the outstanding Italian post-metal band Sunpocrisy as a custom pedal: itís our modern take on vintage Univox Superfuzz units - not a clone but a pretty modified version, with extra controls, different equalization and a size even smaller than a Boss pedal.
ZED Menhir by Michele Quaini
Video demonstration of our hi-gain crusher ZED Menhir, by the talented guitar slinger Michele Quaini. Filmed and released together with a very nice article on the notorious Italian musical online magazine - Thanks!
ZED Greenthumb
The Greenthumb resembles a pretty versatile fuzz pedal that will let you find your perfect desert / stoner rock tone... and not only! Fully covers the gap between Big Muff-alike tones and cranked Matamp amps.
ZED Blue Moon
The ZED Blue Moon is your new Swiss-army knife overdrive pedal. Donít be fooled by its single knob control: we played several styles of music and used it in more ways. We did slow drone jams - we did classic Texas blues.
ZED Menhir
The ZED Menhir is a high-gain full range distortion covering from Sabbath-ish to post-metal tones. Imagine to switch from a sharp distortion directly coming from the Ď80s metal scene to fat bottom post-HC heaviness.
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