Ultimate Frequency Obliterator

The ZED UFO (Ultimate Frequency Obliterator) is the enhanced heavier version of a very old Italian design, delivered by Jen and Gary Hurst. We're not talking ONLY a Gary Hurst design on steroids, but a complete rework of the circuitry a customer gave us for repairing, with an extra footswitch which litelly OBLITERATES ears, tones and amps.

It has been tweaked to deliver two distinct sounds, the switchable one being an insane amount of bass frequencies, distortion and volume also known as "x 10", and the first possible to tweak through Sustain and Filter. Official demo coming soon, meanwhile check for quick guitar walkthroughs and assorted clips on social media. Beware!

Mail us for availability: info@zedvenarossa.com

Paypal / card fees included in price.
Lifetime warranty to the first owner, registered and noted.
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