ZED & Venarossa news + cabinet touring next week!
Hey! It seems we had enough time to post a long-gone update!

Ok, so. It happened a lot. First official ZED cabinets besides the custom models built through year 2016. Some pedals traveling across the world. New friends on the road, some turning into the best collaborative efforts possible, to push beyond the borders of gear design.
We released a new fuzz for the year 2017 named The Ground Licker, already available under PRODUCTS > EFFECTS , you’ll see the video demonstration in early June - the pedal has been built with the one and only Marco Tabacchini of Demikhov, and next week one of our cabinets is going to do a short round of gigs with Nordra so you better come to say “hey!” and have a drink. The cabinet will be available to hear on-stage for the Italian part of her European tour. It’s really enjoyable and funny to hear how so many different musical projects or individuals can do their own with the very same rigs, so keep on with mailing, playing, recording, shredding and whatever you might like to do with our gear. We love hearing which qualities of our production could be exalted by your performance and ideas… looking forward to many more!

Set closeup while recording videos for ZED The Ground Licker Fuzz:

Video demos upcoming for ZED TGL Fuzz

We’re about to share also a small rush of extra updates: in the spirit of sharing and hearing fresh new records, we'll be working again with La Sauna new recording studio (Varese, IT) - notable also out of Italy, where many fine Italian rock bands made their amps roaring in the past. Tone wizard!
Also, our pedals will be featured on She Shreds in an upcoming interview - more to come so keep following us.
The next steps will include finishing and release of the Venarossa guitar models, the bass is already available from Autumn 2016 for tryouts and messing. Summer is approaching but we don’t consider slowing down a valuable option. Soldering irons and tools are warm as always. Never stop the jams.

Details of the cab, touring next week w/ Nordra:

ZED 212 Detuned Cabinet

Have a nice one! You can always spot and follow us at the following links:

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